The work we do embraces a wide range of skills and disciplinesand covers the
full spectrum of change management in education.

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The Change Management Team offers customised consulting services tailored to your school’s needs. Whether you want to be more effective in board governance, excite your learners with the latest digital learning, boost your management team or successfully execute a strategic plan, we can help. Our expertise takes you from mapping your needs, to providing and implementing tailored solutions. Nothing you don’t need: just fundamental change that gets you results.


One of the most important lessons we learned was that Emergency Remote Teaching implemented in schools during the pandemic is not a viable long term solution. It was an intervention to assist educators and learners to cope with the sudden need for remote teaching and learning.  The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on all of us and has completely changed the educational process for educators, parents and learners around the world. 

Successfully shifting from classroom-based teaching to digital or online teaching requires creativity, specialised training, knowledge of the curriculum, and lots of preparation. We’ll help you embrace this “new normal” and come up with innovative and exciting ways to keep your learners engaged and motivated without having to buy expensive software. You’ll be amazed by the flexibility and interactivity it offers you. 

Teaching online requires different skills, tools and strategies than face-to-face teaching. We’ll teach you the skills that will help set the foundation for more dynamic and meaningful learning in the classroom and create an inviting and engaging learning environment for your learners. Whether you’re looking to teach online, acquire new skills or advance your career, we offer a range of courses to assist you.

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The CMT helps schools develop and support collaborative and technology-rich learning environments.  The shift to digital education is here to stay and technology is no longer an optional add-on to teaching and learning. Up-skilling and upgrading to digital teaching has become inevitable. Learners, parents and teachers have adapted to this “new normal” and we can’t revert to our old methods. We must continue moving forward. 

Now is the time to invest in the digital skills of teaching. Whether you need online training or one on one coaching we’ll help you to improve your knowledge of digital technology and increase your confidence using digital tools. We offer a series of courses designed to support teachers' professional learning and development, help specialise skills and enhance teaching and learning. Our aim is to reignite the passion for education in educators.



Schools in South Africa have undergone considerable transformation and as the current landscape continues to change schools have had to rethink the way they market and attract prospective learners and families. Now, more than ever it is imperative for schools to implement an effective marketing plan, one that is strong, consistent and professional.

The Change Management Team has a proven reputation for delivering first-class marketing services to schools. We can provide the expertise and flexibility to drive your school’s online success. We’ll guide you in getting the most out of your communications, from developing your marketing strategy to establishing your brand and how to take advantage of Google platforms such as Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business and Ads, to improve your marketing efforts. 

We’ll help you to negotiate the world of social media and digital communication to engage learners and parents efficiently and effectively. We are also able to assist in a revamp of your website or branding or deliver a complete rebranding for your school, including new logo and design direction. Our digital marketing training will ensure you walk away with practical skills in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ads as well as Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

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